/ Salesloft
Project Summary


Salesloft stands at the forefront of sales engagement technology, revolutionizing how sales teams interact with their customers. Renowned as the #1 sales engagement platform, it focuses on empowering organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Salesloft approached Superside to craft mesmerizing videos for San Francisco's subway stations, coinciding with Dreamforce, a major annual sales convention in the city. The objective was clear: to amplify Salesloft's brand presence among a diverse, tech-oriented audience. Our audience encompassed a spectrum of tech enthusiasts, corporate sales teams, and AI aficionados. The challenge? To infuse Salesloft's recently revamped brand identity into captivating video content, adaptable across various screen formats—from single screens to expansive 11-screen displays. This endeavor wasn't just about showcasing a product; it was about creating a visual dialogue with a discerning, technology-literate crowd.