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Ignite: How to Spark Creativity and Build Resilience

Join us for 3+ hours of free content with 5 sessions on sparking creativity and building resilience, featuring 12+ industry experts from Headspace, Webflow, Zapier, Reddit, Coursera, Clari, DirecTV, MasterControl, Matterport, and more.
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Gather & Grow

Gather & Grow - March 8th - Your Opinion About Your Brand Doesn’t Matter

Watch the session with Dmitry Shamis and Catherine Blair Timothy as they dive into the foundations of a good and sustainable brand!
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Gather & Grow

Zero-click Content | On-Demand Recording

Watch the full session with Amanda Natividad about content quality, social listening, content trends in 2023, and how to leverage zero-click content!
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Your Opinion About Your Brand Doesn’t Matter

Want to build a super-fan worthy brand? It all starts by tuning into the opinions that really matter. Two insightful creative leaders share their experience crafting incredible brands, from positioning and placing bets, to experimenting and decision making. Soak up their wisdom and make sure your brand really resonates. 💪


Our speakers:

Catherine Blair Timothy
Catherine Blair Timothy is the Group Creative Director at Lightspeed Commerce. She leads with energy, enthusiasm and a wicked sense of humor! Catherine balances creativity with business strategy to build high-performing, multidisciplinary design teams. She lives by her belief that creative problem-solving goes beyond design to influence every aspect of a world-class brand experience.
Catherine Blair Timothy
Catherine Blair TimothyGroup Creative Director, Lightspeed Commerce
Dmitry Shamis
Dmitry Shamis is an accomplished strategic executive with extensive experience in building and leading teams, transforming brands and developing innovative marketing strategies. Dmitry was previously the Global Head of Creative at HubSpot.
Dmitry Shamis
Dmitry ShamisMarketing & Creative Leader

What you'll learn:

How to level up your brand with smart bets and well-timed experimentation

How to develop brand positioning that resonates with your audience

The keys to creating brand foundations and how to build on them

Why clarity is essential for brand positioning that sticks

Design on-demand: Let us help you level up!

Did you know we have a team dedicated to helping you elevate your brand? Get the expertise you need, however you need it, from brand development to custom branding solutions. Plug a fully-stacked design team into your business to create unforgettable branding.

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Join the Superside Community!

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