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How to Align Marketing and Creative for Revenue-Driven Video Production

Video marketing’s return on investment is skyrocketing. It’s why many marketing teams are increasing budgets, allocating more resources, and focusing their brainpower on video production. This interactive webinar shows you how design and marketing can collaborate and increase revenue in your video marketing strategy.

Our speaker:

Katie Parkes
Katie Parkes Head of Video Marketing, Shopify

What you'll learn:

What to do with remote and restricted live-action video production

The hot trends in video marketing and motion design

The best practices for teams to create effective and top-performing videos

Processes and opportunities to scale, and DesignOps' role

Design on-demand: Let us help you level up!

Did you know we have a team dedicated to helping you elevate your video production? Get the expertise you need, however you need it, from storyboards to editing. Plug a fully-stacked design team into your business to create unforgettable videos.

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