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Discover the secrets of standout video ads! Join Superside and Chili Piper's video masterminds, Nolan McCoy and Kyle Weber, as they share winning approaches, frameworks, and real ad examples that perform.

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Our speakers

Nolan McCoy
Nolan McCoyHead of Video and Creative Content, Chili Piper
Kyle Weber
Kyle WeberSr. Creative Copywriter, Superside
Session topics

What you'll learn from this powerhouse session 🧠

From testing nontraditional ads to exploring what kills creative culture, our two speakers will cover a lot in this hour long session. Here's a closer look at what you'll learn:

What it takes to ideate great video ads

What it takes to ideate great video ads

Having a hard time coming up with creative ad ideas? It all comes down to the brainstorm. Our speakers walk through a few creative ideation techniques and meeting rituals to take back to your team.

How to avoid killing creative culture

How to avoid killing creative culture

Does data dependency stifle creativity? Let's talk about taking calculated risks, ways to get buy-in for totally 'out there' ideas, and how to empower your team to come to the table feeling inspired.

Strategies for combating ad fatigue

Strategies for combating ad fatigue

You'll get BTS examples, tips and advice from our speakers as they walk through how they approach creating a pipeline of new video ads. Bonus: Discover a whole breakdown of ways to think about ads.

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Kate ErwinHead of Content, Contractbook
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Maggie GriffinCreative Director, Four Columns
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Danielle GirouxCreative Director, Clio
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