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Rebrand or Refresh - Strategy, Execution, and Scale!

Could you be doing more to connect your brand to your audience? Learn how and when to refresh or rebrand in this interactive session! We’ll show you how to identify the need for a rebrand or refresh, navigate a full refresh, gather feedback, and measure impact.

Our speakers:

Danielle Giroux
Danielle GirouxCreative Director
Piotr Smietana
Piotr SmietanaMarketing Creative Director, Superside

What you'll learn:

The difference between a rebrand and a refresh, and how to identify the need for either

How to conduct and navigate a brand refresh

When and how to consult brand equity stakeholders

How to gather customer feedback and measure the impact of a refresh

How to execute and scale your brand with a digital asset management system

Design on-demand: Let us help you level up!

Did you know we have a team dedicated to helping you elevate your brand? Get the expertise you need, however you need it, from a brand refresh to a full rebrand, we got you. Plug a fully-stacked design team into your business to create unforgettable branding.

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