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Ignite: How to Spark Creativity and Build Resilience

Join us for 3+ hours of free content with 5 sessions on sparking creativity and building resilience, featuring 12+ industry experts from Headspace, Webflow, Zapier, Reddit, Coursera, Clari, DirecTV, MasterControl, Matterport, and more.
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Gather & Grow

Gather & Grow - March 8th - Your Opinion About Your Brand Doesn’t Matter

Watch the session with Dmitry Shamis and Catherine Blair Timothy as they dive into the foundations of a good and sustainable brand!
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Gather & Grow

Zero-click Content | On-Demand Recording

Watch the full session with Amanda Natividad about content quality, social listening, content trends in 2023, and how to leverage zero-click content!
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Rebrand or Refresh - Strategy, Execution, and Scale!

Could you be doing more to connect your brand to your audience? Learn how and when to refresh or rebrand in this interactive session! We’ll show you how to identify the need for a rebrand or refresh, navigate a full refresh, gather feedback, and measure impact.

Our speaker & discussion points

Danielle Giroux is an award-winning Creative Director with extensive experience designing digital experiences, content platforms, and brands for clients that include Clio, Movati, GoodLife Fitness, Citibank, Infiniti Motor Ltd, IKEA, Yellow Pages, Mattel, and The House of Anansi Press for whom she was a designer on the Cannes Lion award-winning Massey Lectures iPad App. Superside's very own Marketing Creative Director, Piotr Smietana, comes with more than 11 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, gaming & the film industry. Piotr has worked on award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns. He most recently lead Superside’s own brand refresh.

What you'll learn:

  • The difference between a rebrand and a refresh, and how to identify the need for either
  • How to conduct and navigate a brand refresh
  • When and how to consult brand equity stakeholders
  • How to gather customer feedback and measure the impact of a refresh
  • How to execute and scale your brand with a digital asset management system
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