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Ignite: How to Spark Creativity and Build Resilience

Join us for 3+ hours of free content with 5 sessions on sparking creativity and building resilience, featuring 12+ industry experts from Headspace, Webflow, Zapier, Reddit, Coursera, Clari, DirecTV, MasterControl, Matterport, and more.
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Gather & Grow

Gather & Grow - March 8th - Your Opinion About Your Brand Doesn’t Matter

Watch the session with Dmitry Shamis and Catherine Blair Timothy as they dive into the foundations of a good and sustainable brand!
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Gather & Grow

Zero-click Content | On-Demand Recording

Watch the full session with Amanda Natividad about content quality, social listening, content trends in 2023, and how to leverage zero-click content!
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Creating World-Class Design Teams

Design Leadership Panel: Creating World-Class Design Teams

In this interactive session, learn from four experienced creative leaders all about building high impact design teams. From hiring and sparking inspiration, to effective team structures and must-have tools.


Our speaker & discussion points

Samantha Berg is Head of Design at Chime, a financial technology company aimed at making banking accessible to everyone. Samantha has been successfully leading design teams for 15 years and won the 2021 Moxie Award for her outsized contributions to the tech industry. Shachar Aylon is a creative visionary and currently Creative Director of Amp at Amazon Music. He's a photographer, writer, designer, and creative leader who’s been recognized by Ad Age as a “Creative to Watch” and for his team’s design project “Unboring Boring.” Adam Morgan is the award-winning Executive Creative Director at Adobe, one of the most well-known software companies in the world. Adam’s been in design and leadership for 25 years and is the author of “Sorry Spock, Emotion Drives Business.” He’s also the host of the podcast “Real Creative Leadership.” Ching Hsieh is the Sr. Staff Product Designer, previously Director of Product Design at Included Health, an inclusive healthcare platform that integrates insurance, medical care, and health information into one easy-to-use point of access. Ching has been in product design for over 10 years, with a focus on UI, UX, and IxD in the medtech field.

What you'll learn:

  • Samantha Berg's advice for hiring and supporting a diverse design team and the many benefits it brings to a business.
  • How Shachar Aylon inspires and empowers creative teams by pushing designers out of their comfort zones, all while aligning them to larger company goals.
  • Adam Morgan's Creative Leadership Model covering the 5 main creative career stages and more.
  • How Ching Hsieh avoids creative burnout in a world of never-ending design requests.
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