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Ignite: How to Spark Creativity and Build Resilience

Join us for 3+ hours of free content with 5 sessions on sparking creativity and building resilience, featuring 12+ industry experts from Headspace, Webflow, Zapier, Reddit, Coursera, Clari, DirecTV, MasterControl, Matterport, and more.
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Your Opinion About Your Brand Doesn’t Matter

Watch our interactive session on how to position, build and experiment your way to a brand that resonates with your audience!
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Zero-click Content | On-Demand Recording

Watch the full session with Amanda Natividad about content quality, social listening, content trends in 2023, and how to leverage zero-click content!
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B2B Goes UGC: How Big Brands Can Leverage the Power of Content Creators

UGC has shown to be 20% more influential when it comes to purchasing decisions, even for B2B brands. Its benefits and impact are helping brands target better and improve content spend. Check out our session with our friend, Elif Hiz!


Our speaker & discussion points

With a focus on B2B and technology industries, Elif Hiz has been working with global marketing agencies and SaaS clients for more than 7 years. During which she's grown from a part-time contributor to managing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies on a global scale. In 2019, while on maternity leave, Elif focused on her consulting business and grew her YouTube channel, which you should check out, from 0 to 20K in a year. She has also worked with our team at Superside in our efforts to scale our UGC content.

What you'll learn:

  • How to use UGC in your content funnel
  • What makes UGC different from other content + examples
  • Tips to start using UGC and how to work with content creators
  • How to get started with content creators to achieve goals
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