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You'll find all 7 session recordings from our Standout Summit below. Hear from a stacked lineup of experts and explore a variety of topics, including video marketing, social hooks, AR and more, so you can cut through the noise and standout!

How to Create Thumb-Stopping Social Hooks

A good hook is more important than you think! If you can get your audience's attention in the first couple of seconds of your content, you can get them to read and subscribe. Catch our keynote speaker, Jack Appleby, give his thoughts and tips on how to effectively write good hooks!

Getting Ahead of the Curve with AR

In this session, Dan Moller an expert on AR dives into how brands from B2C & B2B can leverage AR to drive real and impactful results. Learn why you need to think about augmented reality now and get ahead of the curve to help your brand stand out. Explore how to get started with AR, and more!

Creating a Full-Funnel Video Marketing Strategy

By now, you know that video marketing produces real results for brands. But how do you scale? What video formats can you leverage for each funnel stage? In this session, Robyn Showers and Katie Parkes cover some basics and get into real examples that moved the needle for Vimeo, Shopify, and Semrush.

Does Your Creative Convert? Measuring the ROI

The golden question is always about performance! It's what pushes businesses forward and links customers to brands. Evan Lee and Bre Bush discuss how teams can align, grow and achieve success, by learning from the data, testing, knowledge sharing, and creating a culture of experimentation.

Should You do Video In-House? Tips for Scaling Video Production

You've got buy-in for video? Great. That's the first step. But how do you go about starting your video function? How about effectively scaling it? Do you hire experts? Or maybe use a vendor to help you? Hear from Nolan McCoy, Jessica Gelzer, and Nina Caplin as we explore the different avenues to video marketing and production!

How Brands Cut Through the Noise

What makes brands truly stand out? Is it the campaigns they run? Or maybe the branding elements they emulate into the world, that differentiates them from competitors? Justin Rands and Derick Rhodes run through the standout trends they've been spotting lately while sharing examples and stories from their own experiences and work!

The Business Impact of Immersive Design

Ever wonder how marketing and creative teams use immersive design? Brands can use immersive design to explain their products/services, reach new audiences, and really level up their engagement. Melissa Lawton and Candice Davis uncover how they utilize AR and 3D to get ahead of the competition by giving their audience a truly memorable and unique experience.

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