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You'll find all 11 session recordings from our Momentum Summit below. Hear from world-class experts explore a variety of topics all to help you fuel growth in uncertain times.

Betting on Yourself First: The Not-so-Secret Path to Leadership

Learn from creative leaders, Chris Do, Founder & CEO at The Futur and Adam Morgan, Executive Creative Director at Adobe talk about how they have navigated their careers to be better leaders.

Start betting on yourself as a leader! Check out helpful tips and perpectives!

Balancing Your Marketing Budget (in Unbalanced Times)

In this session, Meghan Keaney Anderson, Head of Marketing at Jasper, Tara Robertson, CMO at Bitly, and Kim Losey, CMO at Rapid Robotics, talk through their approach to budgeting.

Get insight on how to tackle your own budget with room to make errors.

The Building Blocks for Design at Scale

This session, run by Dmitry Shamis, Global Head of Creative at HubSpot and James Gregson, Creative Director at LEGO will have you feeling confident with creative effeciency!

Optimize today! Listen to Dmitry and James' insights to succeed with scaling!

Strategy, Not Service: Giving Design a Voice

Danielle Giroux, Creative Director at Clio, and Aaron Poe, Creative Director at Zapier, dive into using automation and other strategies to make your creative team a strategic org!

Watch the session to learn about design systems and strategic elements to level up.

The Power of Community-led Growth: Inside Jasper’s Story

This rare look at how Jasper unlocked incredible growth through the power of a strong community is bound to have you walking away with a brand new perspective!

Check out this exclusive chat with Meghan Keaney Anderson, Head of Marketing at Jasper!

Story is Strategy: The Power of Proper Product Positioning

Positioning your product and/or service has proved to be impactful for marketing and design teams. Communicating value and solutions to the right audience is a recipe for success.

Get all the insights from Dave Gerhardt, Founder of Exit Five, as he walks through the dos and don'ts when tackling product positioning.

Predictable Growth Hacks for Long Term Success

This session with Max Bidna, better known as @MarketingMax, will give you tips on how where to focus when it comes to long-term growth!

Learn about smart approaches to gurantee success! Watch this video!

Where to Invest in Content Marketing to Fuel the Buyer Journey

This session is stacked with content experts! Hear from Nolan McCoy, Head of Video and Creative Content at Chili Piper, Allie Decker, Co-founder & Head of Content at Omniscient Digital, and Pat Lynch, Director of Content at D2L all about their approaches to building content for the buyer journey!

Tests Work More than Guesswork: Predicting The Success of Your Creative

We're joined by Jess Cook, VP, Brand & Content at Marpipe for a real 'under the hood' look at how she approaches testing and experimenting with creative.

Level up the way you test! Learn from Jess!

What Creative Leaders are Betting on in 2023

Tired of just following trends? Need some insight on how to make smart and effective bets? Check out this session with Brian Button, Creative Director at Instacart, and Shachar Aylon, Creative Leader ex Picsart and Lyft, for an in-depth discussion about making smarter creative bets in 2023.

Watch the session, now!

Performance Playbook: Using Story Systems to Scale with AI

In this session, Ian Martins, Partner at Bell Curve, shares his insights on setting up to use AI, in the most effective way and is joined by Amir Jaffari, Growth Workshop Lead at Shopify for a discussion about growth through experimentation.

Check out the presentation and discussion!

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