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You'll find all 5 session recordings from our Ignite Summit below. Hear from world-class experts and explore a variety of topics, all to help you spark creativity and build resilience.

Why (and When) Companies Should Cut Their Creative Agencies

Learn from Amir Jaffari, Growth Leader, Anisha Murarka, Director of Paid at Articulate, and Tyler McLaughlin, Director Brand Marketing at Mitto, how they approached moving away from traditional creative services and why they believe in the CasS model.

Check out helpful insights and perspectives!

Stay Ahead of the Game: How to Effectively use AI for Creative Success

In this session, Jeff Paris, VP, Executive Creative Director at MasterControl, and Mac Cormier, Head of Design at Mutiny, cover how to approach using innovative tech for design and creative work.

Learn how you can utilize AI in your everyday projects.

Weathering the Storm: How to Tackle Large-Scale Creative Production

This stacked panel discussion with Jessica Rosenberg, Director of Brand Design & Creative at Webflow, Anton Mora, Creative Director at Headspace, Ben Pang, Associate Creative Director at Coursera, and Monica Benson, Head of Brand Creative Production at Reddit, covers ways to manage large-scale production demands while building resiliency.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Importance of Creative Innovation

Cailen Guhl, Group Creative Director at Matterport, Hakim Garuba, Sr. Director, User Acquisition, Engagement & Growth at Paramount, and Lee Mincy, Director of Brand & Creative at Gong, dive into creative testing and how irritations can help your creative work perform better. Learn how rebranding plays a role in keeping brands innovative!

Changing Tides: Balancing Creative with Business Goals

This session explores the balance between creative and business goals and tactical frameworks to enable strategic mindsets with creative leaders Jessie Edwards, Creative Director at Clari, and Tamara Austring, Senior Design Producer at Zapier.

Learn all about how you can advocate for your creative team!

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