The Gather & Grow live and interactive unwebinar series

A live, interactive series on design X company growth

Hold on to your butts. This is NOT a panel, a lecture or a pre-recorded video where we sell you our wares. No siree. The Gather & Grow "unwebinar" series aims to bring together a community of marketers, designers, product and brand leaders, and cover topics pertaining to the intersection of design and company growth.

With 40-min of live Q&A and actionable teardowns, the sessions are quite interactive unlike your typical webinar. Hosted by veteran marketers and designers Amrita Mathur and Ben Myhre, each session will feature special guests from companies like PUMA, Twitch, Amazon, Outbrain, Loblaw Digital, Lingoda and more. Join us!

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Upcoming sessions:

  • Aug 13th: The role of design in Social Media Marketing with Erika Gaebel from Twitch Prime and Ben Hazan from Outbrain

  • Aug 27th: The value of Motion Design in Marketing and Growth. Speakers TBC.

  • Sep 10th: How to increase Customer Lifetime Value by crafting a brand your audience loves, with Adrian Evans from Lingoda.

  • Sep 24th: How you can elevate the importance of design within your organization. Speakers TBC.

  • Sep 8th: How design and brand teams are restructuring in 2021 and the future of DesignOps. Speakers TBC.

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How we’ll spend the hour together:

  • Intro to the topic and speakers, and rules of engagement: 5 min

  • Speakers offer their remarks and give their insight and best practices on the topic: 15 min

  • Live Q&A and actionable teardowns/ critiques of real-life examples: 40 min

Expect the conversation to be freewheeling and cover a range of topics on the role of design in areas of company growth. Do come prepared with questions and examples of things you would like critiqued live by our hosts and guest speakers!

Start time:

11 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) / 8 am in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) / 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
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Past sessions:

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If you’d like to nominate yourself or someone from your company or network to speak at these sessions, please write to us at with suggested topics. We particularly appreciate women, PoC and LGBTQ nominations!

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