Design Leadership Quiz

What creative character are you?

From doers and leaders to trendsetters and taste-makers, find out where you fall on the creative leadership scale and discover a galaxy of resources to help your star rise high. 🌟

Inspired by the creative leadership maturity model

Creativity and creative leadership exist in different astral planes. In other words, being good at the craft isn't the only skill you'll need to lead. Adam Morgan, Senior Director of Brand and Creative at Splunk (formerly at Adobe) and host of Real Creative Leadership, charts a five-stage journey creatives can follow to rise through the ranks in his Creative Leadership Maturity Model.


Based on this model, our Design Leadership Quiz will tell you what stage you're at in your creative career and how to level up. 🚀

What character aligns with your creative stage?


A doer dedicated to making creative ideas come to life.

Star Captain

A leader skilled at crafting and selling a creative vision.

Astral Director

A trendsetter inspiring a whole company’s creative culture.

Cosmic Creative

A taste-maker influencing the creative industry at large.

Become a star in the creative universe
Become a star in the creative universe

Become a star in the creative universe

What skills can you develop to level up your creative career? Find out by taking our quick, five-minute quiz.

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