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Watch 6 educational sessions from our Brand & Content Summit. Hear from world-class experts, who explore various topics about impactful branding & content.

Watch all recordings on-demand!

Tips to Successfully Set up TikTok for Your Brand

Learn from TikTok experts, Drake Andrews, Founder of Kozen Creative, and Melissa Francois, Content, Comms, and Social Lead at PlayPlay about tackling the most popular social media platform.

How can a brand succeed on TikTok? Do brands have to dance? Check out the video to learn more!

Creating Cohesive Brand Experiences & When to Take Risks

This chat with Sam Bathe, Elizabeth Gilmore, and Li-Anne Arabella Dias will make you think and approach brand experiences in a whole new way!

Who would have considered that brands can have smells? Find out more by watching this video!

Beyond Sessions: Measuring Content Performance & Quality

This session, run by Janine Anderson, Content Operations Manager at Zapier, and Alli Tunell, Team Lead at Animalz explores how to measure quality when producing content.

It also covers what happens when content stops performing, and the factors to evaluate!

Exploring the Crossover Between Content, Brand, and Design

To walk you through a session exploring the crossover between content, brand, and design, we invited content leader Ash Read, Head of Content at Wayflyer, to dig into the main considerations!

Learn how it all connects and how to foster alignment for optimal success!

Content Strategy vs Content Plan: What’s the Difference?

Superside's very own Content Marketing Manager, Tyler Wade, and Animalz's Director of Strategy, Mark Rogers, cover the difference between content strategy vs. content plan.

Distinguish your approach to your planning and strategy!

Advice for Unblocking Your Content Team (& Funnel)

In this session, Lauren Sudworth, Head of Content Marketing at Shopify shares her best advice all about unblocking teams with processes and structure.

Get insight on signs of blockage on a content team, approaches to problem-solving, data-backed decision-making, and so much more!

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