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How to Nail and Scale Your Ad Spend

Mike is a master of growth. At Greylock he focuses on helping founders identify, maneuver and systematize their growth levers, and in the past he managed over $100 million in ad spend a year at Stitch Fix as their Head of Growth. In this keynote, Mike shares some key tips on how to successfully scale your ad strategy to drive your company into hyper growth.


Unplugging Leads to the Best Creative Work

Nir Eyal writes, consults and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology and business. Previously a Lecturer in Marketing at Stanford University, and co-founder of two tech companies he later sold, Nir has a ton of expert advice around what it takes to cut through the digital noise.


Performance Media & the Ad Tech Stack

Get your notebook ready! We all know that data is an important part of your ad strategy, but it can get kinda messy. How do performance marketers determine what's the truth given challenges of multiple sources, attribution, ad servers and more? Ashley Lau (Ex Owlet, Dropbox and Twitter) dishes out her wisdom and trade secrets.


Don’t Be An Asshole: How To Build Great Creative Culture

In the agency world, long hours, chaotic workflows and egotistical colleagues are almost celebrated. The reality is, this type of toxic culture is actually the enemy of creativity. In this talk, Paul outlines the core principles for building a great creative workplace, producing great work, and how to not be an asshole.


Making Video Ads that People Actually Like

Nowadays, most brands are dabbling in video ads, but not many are doing it well. At Sandwich, Adam and his team make commercials—the kind people actually like. In this fireside chat we talk with Adam about what makes a great video ad and the process that goes into crafting these eye-catching (and memorable) campaigns.


Using Digital to Inspire, Uplift and Do Good During Challenging Times

Advertising is consistently transforming and adapting to the world around us. In this session, Helene and Markus talk about the ways in which companies have approached advertising during a crisis like Covid-19, and how digital media can actually be used to inspire, uplift and do good during challenging times.


Is Digital Privacy Ruining Advertising?

With updates like iOS 14 and the shift towards greater data privacy, what does this mean for the future of digital advertising? Hint: your ad creative will become even more important, along with channel diversification. In this panel our speakers talk all about these recent changes, with some tips on how to succeed.


Rebuilding a Brand In One Year

How do you refresh a 15-year-old international brand with limited resources, and in front of your audience? In this talk, Olly, Head of Design at Kiva, walks you through their 365 day brand refresh, and how they went about testing their creative through ads and social media before finalizing their new look.


How to Become a Design-Led Organization

Kristian Andersen knows a thing or two about design-led organizations. While he's been a partner at High Alpha for 6+ years, Kristan also founded a leading design and innovation consulting company that he sold in 2019. Hear about what he thinks it takes to become a design-led org, and how to tell if you're in one!


Leveraging Data to Influence Your Ad Designs

We've outgrown the traditional "Don Draper" ad approach where all you need is one rockstar idea. Now, it's all about testing and having multiple ad variants. Hear from Hakim and Shanee about how to properly leverage your data to influence your ad designs, along with tips for how to implement a creative testing framework.


Humanizing the Advertising Experience

It’s easy to forget that there are real people on the receiving end of your advertisements. So much of advertising today is about optimization and algorithms (heck, we've got 2 other sessions just on data!), but this can come at the cost of loosing that human element. In this session, Ekapat Chareonlarp talks about how brands can better connect with their consumers through purposeful, human centric advertising.

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