How does Superside work?

Last updated: November 26. at 8:25 AM

Doing a project using Superside is simple by design. After you send us your requirements and files, using our Project Wizard or via email, one of our project managers will be in touch via email soon. We carefully staff the optimal team based on skills, experience and availability, and start immediately, once you approve the quote. You don’t need to add a credit card to get a quote, but you need to do so before we can start working on the project.

Depending on product and project scope, as well as your preferences regarding your involvement, we can provide drafts, samples and alternatives during the project for your review and input. We complete the project as quickly as possible while taking your feedback into account. All work is quality controlled by the project manager.

We invoice you after the project is completed. Your credit card will be charged three days after the project is closed, and you will receive a confirmation and a link to your invoice via email.

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