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Superside is the world’s first freelance platform that puts the freelancers first. Unlike other marketplace models, we only work with the ‘creme de la creme’ of freelance talent, who get to choose what projects they work on and not vice versa.

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Applicant FAQ

Hi! We are excited that you are interested in working with us. To help answer your questions super fast we have made this list of Frequently Asked Questions. We receive a lot of questions and unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to reply to each one. Please try to find the answer to your question in the Applicant FAQ before contacting us. If you cannot find an answer here you can contact the recruiting team through the chat on This is the only way to contact the recruiting team, we unfortunately do not have capacity to reply to questions on email or general chat on the Superside homepage. Please note that we do not reply to questions that are covered on this page.

I’d like to apply for a position with Superside, what do I do?

Go to and follow the ‘Apply now’ button. You will see a list of all positions that are currently open. Pick the one that you are best at and apply there. Read the remainder of this Applicant FAQ.

I would like to speak to someone at Superside about my application, who should I contact?

Due to overwhelming demand of applicants we can unfortunately not answer individual questions about applications and cannot provide detailed individual feedback to each applicant. We are sure you understand. We need to spend the time screening applications to give everyone ‘yes or no’ as quickly as possible.

I haven’t heard anything about my application, did I pass?

If you have not heard anything you are still being considered. We go through applications as fast as we can, but we are a young company and it can take some time. You would have heard from us if you were not being considered anymore - so please be patient, there is no use in contacting us to ask about the status.

How long do I have to wait for the result of my application?

If you have not heard anything you are still being considered. We go through applications as fast as we can, but we are a young company and it can take some time. Depending on the job you applied for and the number of applicants it can sometimes take a few weeks, but we try to be faster. We contact all applicants either way - no matter what the decision is. So you would have heard from us if you were not being considered anymore. Please be patient, there is no use in emailing us to ask about the status.

My application has been rejected, why?

Superside is a very selective community of freelance talent, we take in less than the top 1% of all applications, so this should not discourage you in your personal freelance career. We are sure your talent will take you far. We can sadly not give detailed individual feedback to applicants due to the very high volume of applications.

Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?

You may apply for multiple specialist positions, but you cannot apply to be a project manager and a specialist at the same time. We strongly recommend that you only apply to positions you are very skilled in, less is more. If you have multiple skills, finish one application for your top skill, then apply for the second one. Remember we are only taking in true experts, the top 1% of all talent.

I ran out of time while taking the assessment, can I submit it through email?

Unfortunately staying within the time limit is a part of the task. If you used more than the time allowed I’m afraid you are not quite up to the task at this time. Maybe after you’ve been practicing your trade for a while longer you might be a fit.

During the application process the website crashed or froze so I was not able to finish the assessment can you reset it?

We’re truly sorry to hear about this. Since our company is entirely remote and we depend on stable internet we cannot reset your assessment. We are confident that our servers are working fine, so we can not help in this case. To be successful in Superside you will need reliable internet and high degree of savviness with technology.

Why am I receiving all these email reminders from you to continue my application, but when I log in I am not able to do so?

We are aware of this and are trying to fix it. If you apply for multiple jobs at the same time, it can cause some confusion in our reminder system, but we are on the ball to fix it. If you cannot continue with the job application after you logged in, please just ignore the reminder - you have done all you could at this point. You will receive in total three reminders, just ignore them and be patient with us. We will get back to you with a decision on your application. Once more, sorry about the inconvenience.

How many hours of work will I get per week?

There are no fixed hours here at Superside. We try to keep the community at the right size so that specialists get as many hours as they want and so that each project gets handled. We want people who can work at least 10 hours per week, ideally more. Our best people work much more. How much work you will get depends on how available & quick you are to take on projects. It will also depend on your skillset and how well you do on your projects.

Can I be a project manager and a specialist at the same time?

No, unfortunately not. We have our workflow split for a good reason since we believe these are two very different skillsets and work-modes. So we suggest you think hard about what your top skills are, and apply for that position only, we currently cannot support both at the same time.

What is the hourly rate for my positions?

At Superside, we treat everyone as equals. That is why we have a very transparent payment system in which everyone has the same opportunities by starting with the same hourly salary depending of the type of job you apply to. You are able to increase this salary over time by delivering consistent high quality work and on a regular basis. You can receive a raise on a semi-annual basis if you matched the job specific performance criteria. The starting salary is mentioned at the beginning of each job application.