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Superside is the world’s first online workplace that puts designers & creative professionals first. Unlike freelancer marketplaces, we find and grow top design talent from around the world. In addition to constant mentoring, our designers are assigned to specific customers and get access to a constant stream of incoming projects which means their time is fully maximum by what they love doing.

Join the future of work

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Unlike freelancer marketplace models, we work only with top design talent who get access to a constant stream of incoming projects to choose from.

Creative Project Manager

Full time / Remote

PowerPoint & Graphic Designer

Full time / Remote

Senior Motion Designer

Full time / Remote


We've been alerted that some scammers have been using our name to falsify our recruitment process. Note that any communication you receive from Superside will come from an email address, via LinkedIn from one of our team members who are connected to our official Superside account or from our recruiting tool with an email (not from a free email account such as Yahoo or Gmail). We DO NOT ask for or send checks or any banking details in our interview process. Any recruitment out of this policy must be considered a scam and reported to immediately. Thank you!

Conventional freelancer platforms don’t work for designers & creatives, but we do

Constant stream of projects

Maintaining a small pool of highly qualified and professional creatives allows us to offer a constant stream of incoming projects and the opportunity to choose within them. This helps our specialists spend their hours making money rather than chasing clients for work.

You always get paid on time

Superside lifts the heavy weight of getting paid off creatives’ shoulders. You always get paid regularly for all your chargeable hours regardless of when and whether the clients pay, so being a creative at Superside is completely risk free.

No time spent on admin work

Stop spending time keeping track of your clients, projects, and hours. Superside has built a complete internal platform that takes care of all the time consuming administrative work for you. No need to worry about issuing invoices or keeping track of payments, everything is taken care of.

We are building a community

Superside has a completely flat organizational structure. By becoming a part of our community, you get instant access to our amazingly fun and talented team, including our founders and CEO. We encourage and offer channels for the community to share experiences, help others and create a fun virtual workplace.

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